May 2017 – Mt. Shasta, California

Light journey to connect planetary grid points

Shasta-01-for-website Shasta-03-light-ship Shasta-04-inside-tent Shasta-02-trees Mt-Shasta-056-tall-trees

October 2016 – Monument Valley, Arizona

Confirming an energy vortex in a remote region of the Diné Reservation with a medicine man

Monument 16-01 Monument 16-02 Monument 16-03 Monument 16-04

October 2015 – Italy

Connecting with ley lines in the region around Damanhur, Sacre du San Michele

Italy-01 (1) Italy-02  Italy-04 Italy-05

March 2015 – Freeport, Bahamas

Diving 50 miles offshore exploring vortices associated with The Bermuda Triangle

Freeport-02 Freeport-03 Freeport-04 Freeport-05 Freeport-01

May 2014 – Scotland

Resonating with ley lines on Iona, the north shore, remote woodlands and Rosslyn Chapel

Day 08-Scotland-58  Day 05-Scotland-07 Day 02-Scotland-54 Day 02-Scotland-09

December 2012 – Maui/Kauai, Hawaii

Lemurian toning near Haleakala, connecting with Waimea Canyon ancient trees and dowsing an ancient Polynesian Heiau

Hawaii-05 Hawaii-04 Hawaii-03 Hawaii-02

November 2011 – Monument Valley, Arizona

Seeking ancient buried kivas and crystals in remote Diné (Navajo) tribal park

Monument 11-01  Monument 11-03 Monument 11-05 Monument 11-02

Oct 2011 – Ohio

Locating unknown energy vortices at Serpent Mound and in Hocking Hills

Serpent-05 Serpent-04 Serpent-03 Serpent-02

June 2011 – Ireland

Re-opening ancient energy vortex on Skellig Michael and exploring Drombeg Circle, Poulnabrone Dolmen


Ireland-04 Ireland-03  Ireland-01 Ireland-05

October 2010 – Desert Southwest, USA

Finding unknown sacred site in Chaco Canyon, Fajada Butte, Castle Rock, Mesa Verde

Chaco-05  Chaco-02 Chaco-01 Chaco-03


October 2009 – England

Investigating ley lines at Stonehenge, Woodhenge, “Bluehenge,” Avebury, Glastonbury, Chalice Well, Avalon

Stonehenge-01 Stonehenge-03  Stonehenge-02 Stonehenge-05


October 2008 – Four Corners, USA

Ceremony at multidimensional portal near Sand Canyon of Canyon of the Ancients, Hovenweep

Four Corners-01 Four Corners-02 Four Corners-05  Four Corners-04


June 2008 – New Zealand

Ceremonies with Maori elders at Temple of the Four Winds, Kaimanawa Wall, Mt. Ngauharoe, Rotopounama

Zealand-04 Zealand-05 Zealand-01 Zealand-03 Zealand-02


April 2008 – Desert Southwest, USA

Exploratory visits to Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Navajo reservation

Canyon 08-01  Canyon 08-02 Canyon 08-03 Canyon 08-04 Canyon 08-05


January 2008 – Honduras/Guatemala

Visit to the strongest North American vortex near remote Mayan site plus Copan, Las Sapos

Guat 08-01 Guat 08-03 Guat 08-04 Guat 08-02  Guat 08-05

January 2008 – Bimini, Bahamas

Meditations above 3,000′ deep ancient obelisk

Bahamas 08-01 Bahamas 08-02Bahamas 08-03 Bahamas 08-05 Bahamas 08-04


June 2007 – Guatemala

Guided by Mayan elder who was “expecting us” to ancient indigenous cave deep in the rain forest

Guat 07-01 Guat 07-02 Guat 07-04  Guat 07-03


February 2007 – Bimini, Bahamas

Diving on the “Atlantean road,” “Healing Hole,” “strange” waters with Otomi Native American trained in the Isis mysteries

Bimini 07-02  Bimini 07-03 Bimini 07-05

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